soul searching in a small city

My life has suddenly become empty…meaningless…without that pain and broken heart…I am a new me…an unknown identity…a fresh new heart ready to get smashed and broken into pieces once again…

I just want to cry out… “Who am I?!”

I am not the girl who loved in secret and got a broken heart in the process…

Since I let it go-loving him…stopping my love to grow more and more each time passed….I am not me…

My unrequited love has become part of my identity and it became so sewn to me… untangling it and pulling the thread out has left me with holes….

What do I do with these empty holes? What color of thread shall I replace it with? How long should it be? How thick? How tight should it be bound?

I am a blown shattered piece of cloth flailing lifelessly in the wind…I am lost…


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