Judy and Kay walks briskly ahead, Judy’s arm around Kay’s shoulders. Sam is behind them, trying to catch up and be close to his beloved Kay. Jay watches her feet as she walks with them to watch a game. She had been literally forced out of the confines of her dorm room just to join them and be out in the cold night air. Sam stops and looks back at her who’s a good two meters behind them. She’s not looking at her feet now, but at Sam, eyebrows curled in annoyance.

“What?” she asks.

“What’s up with you lately? You’ve been exuberating this Shut-up-Sam-you’re-annoying attitude.” he joins her in her slow pace.

She chuckles a little. Thinking that this person actually noticed her sudden change in mood.

“You’ve been in that state for 2 weeks now!”

“It’s been that long?” she manages a response.

“Yes. It’s been too long.”

She laughs. Again, amused at this confrontation. “I’m okay now.”

“You’re okay?” he echoes.

“Yeah. I’ve just been having a lot of things going on but I’m okay now. I’m good.” she lies.

“You’re good now, why? How?” they reach the court and enthusiastic screams fill their ears.

“I don’t need people to ask…”

“I have to ask.” he interrupts.

Silence fills their conversation. She stands a few feet behind Kay and Judy, positioning herself in such a way that he’d have to speak louder so he could be heard. She crosses her arms and averts her attention to the heating game.


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