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It is dark. The lights are dim and she can barely see what’s in front of her. A small light creeps in from the bed room, enough to accentuate his figure lying flat on the floor. She tiptoes to the single couch in the small living room and stops in her tracks as he moves, complaining of the heat, opening his eyes. He sees her on the couch in her jeans and t-shirt, sitting uncomfortably.

“Are you going to sleep there?” he asks.

“Yes.” she nods, her voice almost an inaudible whisper.

“Come here, sleep beside me.” he pats the empty space beside him. “You won’t be able to sleep curled up like a ball there.” he urges her, concern in his gentle voice.  “Come on.” A hint of want in his eyes.

She pouts, giving in to his prodding and lies beside him, a hard throw pillow for her head. He faces her and exchanges pillows with her. “No, mine’s alright.” He takes her pillow anyway and neatly places his softer pillow beneath her head. “Why do you keep spoiling me like this?” she mutters under her breath.

“What?” he asks, wanting to hear her say the sentence again.

“I can’t sleep, it’s really hot.” Embarrassed, she complains a lie.

He puts his hand over hers, “Just close your eyes…close your eyes.” his large hands play around with her small thin fingers. Slowly, she falls asleep with a smile on her face, comforted by his hands squeezing hers.

The night draws on, his eyes refuse to shut, his heart beating hard against his chest. He cannot sleep a wink. He hears her move and groan, the warm night air making her uncomfortable. “Why did I even tell her to sleep beside me? Shit! What was I thinking?!” he curses in his mind. Containing himself no longer, he faces her, his hands reaching to stroke her unkempt hair. Her eyes open, curious of what he’s doing. He shakes his head, silently saying “Nothing.” to her.

Lately they have been talking in whispers and often through their eyes, careful not to reveal anything to anyone about this brewing attraction between them. Is it love, like or just plain intimacy? Whatever it is, it feels good. He caresses her face, tracing it with his hands. She closes her eyes and drifts to dreamland once again. He softly bites her nose, awaking her. She pinches his nose hard to get back at him, her hands cup his face and he slightly tilts her face to kiss the palm of her hand. She smiles. He kisses her cheek gently and then her lips. He pulls back to see her expression and she looks at him, unmoving and probably astonished. He takes her lips again and she responds, kissing him back and going at his pace. His hands go around her and he pulls her closer.

written: 6/20/2009


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