Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. It promotes discipline and tests one’s patience. It is for those reasons that I decided to give origami a chance.

I first tried origami in my second year of college in UP. A fellow orgmate of mine taught me and a friend how to fold the crane. I was fascinated by the art and wanted to try other designs and folds but I could not get hold of them.

first time to fold paper cranes

It was only last year when I met up with origami again. My boyfriend gave me a book on origami as a Christmas gift. I tried a few folds following instructions from the book. I realized then that the book was only a guide for one to create their own designs. I felt I could not do such for I had not enough knowledge about origami. I did not know the different types of folds, such as a valley fold or a mountain fold. So I put the book aside and moved on with my life. My love for origami bloomed once again when our organization was tasked to do Japanese art for an exhibit. I decided to fold origami for it was the easiest and I was too lazy to draw anything. I then came upon a user in youtube, in the name of jonakashima, who posted instructional videos on how to fold certain designs of origami that he recreated. And so the folding began! ^_^

front view of pig
side view of pig
neko (cat)
wolf (but it looks more like a fox)

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