The Zipless Fuck

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A few days ago, I learned of this term from Erica Jong’s novel “Fear of Flying”. A zipless fuck is what we popularly call a one night stand. Like a one night stand, a zipless fuck is when two strangers have sex for the sake of attraction and passion. I say strangers because as stated in the novel, for a “true, ultimate A1 zipless fuck” to be possible, it is necessary that one must not know his/her partner very well, to avoid the development of feelings.

An innocent question popped in my mind as I was going through my brain, searching for the right words to write in this composition.

How can one possibly have sex with someone he/she does not have feelings for?

Is a zipless fuck similar to a one night stand with a prostitute?

In a zf, a man and a woman meets up, haves sex (for free) and moves on with their lives. They go back to their husbands and wives, haves sex, rather, makes love, with them and then have another zipless fuck encounter with another stranger who meets the qualities of their fantasies.

And then, AIDS kills them all.

What do we make of men and women who engage in the zipless fuck?


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