My toothbrush is in my mouth, spit and toothpaste bubbles pour out. A quick flash of bright light takes my eyes. I look around me and in an instant, my once colorful surroundings fill with pure white emptiness, even my toothbrush and the toothpaste bubbles are no more. I clasp my hands, feeling my rough skin, the warmth of human beings. Alas, it has started to fade as well. I become white as a sheet, tiny colors of blood is all that I am. I touch my hair, it’s color bright gold like that of Elves from the Middle Earth. I frantically touch my ears, disappointment hits me. I’m still human. I am a man, a fading man swallowed by this white emptiness. So strange is this occurrence even for someone who’s lived as long as I have. Nausea comes upon me and my vision blurs, shakes and my world turns upside down. A small dark circular object rotates about my eyes. I squint and it is the planet that I have seen to its ruin. Earth in its most beautiful form dances in front of my eyes and with a blink it pops like a bubble. My white emptiness remains and I remain.
-lumpofmud, January 1, 2010, 9:19pm

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