Sea Monkeys

A few hours ago, me, my boyfriend and a friend of ours dropped by Toy Kingdom and saw this incredibly weird and very curious “toy” on the shelf. It was called “Sea Monkeys”. Okay, it wasn’t really a toy, it was more like a pet one can conjure from putting eggs (or seeds, whatever they are) into purified water (it’s a mixture of normal water put into the “special aquarium for sea monkeys” with some powdery substance that’s supposed to purify the water after 24 hours). My boyfriend almost bought the product which cost 500 php at its cheapest price.

sea monkeys as presented on the merchandise. (no. that’s not what they really look like.)

Various ideas flooded our minds about what they were. From the picture on the merchandise, they looked like little guppies with multiple arm like things. What were these little things? Bacteria? Foam? Result of a chemical reaction from the powders mixed together with water? Aliens? Turns out, they were shrimp brines, otherwise called artemia. They come in various species. There’s the sea monkeys, sea dragon and others. The eggs, as I mentioned earlier were actually really eggs, frozen eggs and hatch when they come into contact with water. They are actually just like planktons which whales and fishes feed on. And yes, they mate as well.

sea monkey

Here’s the official merchandise video.


2 thoughts on “Sea Monkeys

  1. I used to have Sea Monkeys. My mother would never buy them for me when I was younger (waste of money, I guess), so I bought some when I was in my 20s…and LOVED them.

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