Origami Projects


It was some time ago when I wanted to make a huge origami project. Okay, this one I made isn’t exactly what you call HUGE, but what I mean here is that it’s a project that involves a lot of work, as in gluing and making various versions of a certain module. And so, here’s my first HUGE project. (APPLAUSE!) This one is called “anniversary”.

Why? I really don’t know. But it looks, good, eh? In the instructional video, a printed origami paper was used, but here, I used plain black and red origami paper because it’s two of my boyfriend’s top favorite colors and because my boyfriend only had plain origami paper. No, he doesn’t do origami, but he got them as a gift from our friends. So there. This was composed of 60 modules, 30 red and 30 black. I glued them together and voila! It took me a whole night to finish the whole thing. Yeey! More HUGE origami projects to come! ^_^

elephant: front view

As part of my origami animal collection, I folded this elephant a while back. But I think I made a mistake somewhere and so there’s something wrong with how it came out.

elephant: side view

See? The trunk and neck is too long. The trunk’s not supposed to hit the ground. I tried to retrace my steps and did it over, but it still ended up this way, so what the heck. It looks like an elephant, that’s good enough for me.


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