Menger sponge project problems

I was searching for origami instructions in the web and I came upon the Menger Sponge. It’s composed of various levels. The most popular is up to level 3 and I plan on doing so. I began making my level 1, but since I wasn’t using business cards, and just plain origami paper, it’s very fragile and it fell apart yesterday (fuck! all my hard work! and all the wasted paper!) Anyway, so I’m looking for other ways to make it really stable. I then found various ways in making it. There’s one using a Sonobe module and there’s another using Robert Neale’s penultimate module. How to put them together, I still don’t know how but they certainly look stable and stronger than the usual way to do it. So maybe I’ll give it a try.

menger sponge using business cards, usual way to do it

menger sponge penultimate module

menger sponge sonobe module

The other two modules certainly look more complicated to make, but they really do look cooler and stronger. So maybe I’ll try it. I think I’ll try the sonobe module since I’ve tried making this module before. The problem comes in putting them together. Oh yeah. I really wonder how I’ll do that. I didn’t know I had to really really think hard when doing something for fun.

On the brighter side, to veer myself away from depression (destroyed level 1!!argh!), I decided to make a different origami while I figure out how to make my Menger sponge project. What origami might it be? Well, it’s a kusudama. It’s called venus and here, there’s going to be some sewing involved. Yeey! I’m excited to start doing this.



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