After I totally quit making the Menger Sponge, I started making the Venus and the Epcot Ball. I finished Venus a while back, and finished the Epcot Ball just last night. So here are the products of my hardwork!


This is called Venus. It’s a kusudama and I had to sew them together. It was pretty cool and I had fun making this. I love this little creation! I finished this in a day.

The next thing I made was the Epcot ball. It took me a lot of time to make it because it constitutes of 200 something modules. It was really difficult to put together. But it’s fulfilling to see it as it is now.

epcot ball
epcot ball

I ran out of origami paper because of the epcot ball. So I probably won’t be making any origami for a while, that is, until I buy a new set.


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