It’s been a few weeks since I last watched an anime series. And by watch I mean seriously watch. Maybe it’s because the last anime I saw was Durarara!! and nothing else can compare to how awesome the series is.

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Before that, I watched Arakawa Under the Bridge. It started out weird and a bit chaotic since episodes were composed of different scenes in one go. Later, the anime turned out to be some sort of a gag show. I realized this when I noticed that each scene changed once a pun was delivered. So anyway, the only reason why I was trying to finish the anime was because of my curiosity about the girl from Mars. I really wanted to know if the girl really was from Mars or she was just some crazy person. Or maybe it was just  a dream conjured by the main character’s mind to help him realize the simplicities of life. Either way, I gave up on the anime due to Durarara!! But maybe I’ll go back to watching the series when I get a lot of time off. I just simply can’t let go of the weird characters and their mysterious backgrounds.




Now about Drrr (As others call Durarara!!), at first I thought it was another boring slice of life anime with characters who have special powers, but after reaching the end of episode 1, it turned out pretty interesting. And when episode 2 started, it became really awesome and next thing I knew, I couldn’t stop watching it anymore. Maybe it’s Celty’s headless character that drew me in or maybe it was the mysteries happening in the town and the introduction of Dollars. It’s amazing how the anime depicted what could possibly happen if groups in the internet team up to help people in the real world.


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