I’ll never learn to become numb about problems. Every now and then, when you think everything’s going smoothly, life smacks you back in the face and gives you another problem. I can’t blame life forever. It’s not destiny or fate that makes my life this way. All things in my life right now unfolded because of me. I made the turns. I made the decisions. I chose the road. I walked the path. All these are of my own doing and that includes making these problems. Of course, these are not done on purpose. They all happened because I simply made a mistake. Yes, it’s that simple and I just can’t seem to get over how stupid I can get. Sometimes I wish I had enough courage to hurt myself. Maybe a strong punishment is what I need to get things straight. I mean for once, why can’t I manage to go problem free? Why do I always fail to stay on the right track? Is it because I lack punishment? But then again, isn’t it punishment enough to have to deal with the consequences of these problems I made for my self?

In the past, getting drunk was one good way to let the stress out. But it didn’t last. My drinking beer phase lasted for just a few weeks and then I realized beer is bitter and it just doesn’t suit my taste buds. Beer or hard drinks don’t really help anyway. They make you intoxicated for only a short period of time and after that you have to deal with bothersome hangovers.

Let’s face it, drinking does not solve your problems. When you’re all sobered up the problem is still there boldly grinning at you with such amusement. The only way to solve a problem is to face it head on. Oh the right thing to do just smoothly slips out of your mouth but it’s never easy to actually do it.

It just amazes me when some people can face every single problem they make for themselves with such composure. How do they do it? How can they stay frustration free? Do they ever reach their limit? Do they even have a limit? Oh come on! You’re a psychology student. It’s stupid to ask questions like that.


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