Procrastination and being a couch potato

What’s so difficult with being so dependent on the internet is that you can’t manage to stay focused on whatever you have to do. For example, right now, instead of writing what I have learned from the book I just read, I’m making a blog entry just so I can procrastinate. Well, I can’t say it’s just because of the internet because honestly ever since technology became accessible to me I’ve always found it hard to concentrate on matters that are important. When I was in high school, I could never study well enough for my periodical exams because I’d stop and pick up my cellphone or focus my attention to a boring show on TV.

There’s just too much distraction that technology has to offer and I am happy to let it hypnotize me into doing what shouldn’t be done. I have allowed my self to become a slave to technology because I want to have a comfortable life. I do not want responsibilities. All I want is to relax and laze around all day. I want to be a couch potato.

But of course, life is not like that. To be a couch potato requires a lot of resources. First of all, you’d have to have a good source of money. Perhaps a hefty sum of savings or an internet job that pays good but requires minimal effort would do. Second, you need an excellent source of internet connection so that you can stream, surf, download, and play all you want without having to worry about waiting. Third, you need to have a personality that does not care about appearances because sooner or later your sedentary life will be reflected on your physical appearance, and I’m not just talking about gaining weight. Also, you should be able to stand dirt, clutter, and not taking a bath for days on end because surely, since it’s just you and your PC, TV, or game console, you wouldn’t care about hygiene.

Now isn’t that just dandy. Even the most carefree of lives is still hard to achieve.


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