Growing Up

Growing up is a difficult thing. Every one of us knows and agrees to this statement because we’ve all experienced difficulties along the way. We may have encountered them on different times and on different occasions but they’re all the same. They are all difficult and they’ve all given us some form of distress.

I talk about this now because never in my whole life have I experienced this much distress. Of course, I blame no one but myself for it because as stated in previous posts, every mistake that you experience in life is all because of your doing. You are the captain of your life and so if your ship sinks, it’s all because you didn’t drive well enough. But that doesn’t mean I’ll go and sink at the bottom of the sea just because things all seem to be going downhill, no, rather, I’ve driven myself into a storm and I don’t think my ship will hold out any longer. If I don’t reach the eye of the storm anytime soon, I’ll be ripped to shreds and surely I’ll sink into the bottom of the sea. But that won’t happen because I’m crazy and I think I can handle all problems just like Naruto or some lunatic lead character of a shounen anime or manga. I’ll get up and fight this even with holes in me because I believe in what I can do. Yes, I believe that. And it seems, there’s only so little people who recognize that. This is strange coming from a pessimist like me, but it appears that I have learned to value my life more these past few months. Maybe because there’s something to live for now. My pessimist self would much rather just die but alas, I’ve gone and unleashed the fire of youth in me. OSU! I feel younger already! ^_^


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