Please Save My Earth

I was really bored today because exams are finally over and I’m just waiting on my grades. So to prevent myself from thinking about my bigger problems, I decided to go back to reading shoujo manga. And that’s just because shoujo manga always manage to make me feel happy if not sad and depressed. Anyway, I googled for the best manga of all time and found Please Save My Earth by Saki Hiwatari which was recommended by The story was interesting so I started to read it online in

As I was searching I realized that the manga was actually really old, you’ll also see this as soon as you start reading it and see its art, and there was even an anime version of it, rather an OVA. So then, it must’ve been really good!

I just finished volume 1 so I’ll only be able to talk about that for now. My general impression about this manga is that it’s OKAY. It’s interesting enough for the reader to want to finish the manga and the art is relatively good. I’m not really a big fan of old art because I really like the detailed ones which most Korean manga use, but this one is okay. If you compare it to some famous anime, then the art would be similar to Fushigi Yuugi, Samurai X, to Slam Dunk, or to any anime or manga that came out about the same time as these did.

In terms of pacing, it started out nice and steady but as the first volume neared its end, things suddenly came too fast. All sorts of characters popped out of nowhere. Its like the author was trying desperately to introduce all characters in the first volume. Anyway, at least the author was able to let the reader see how they are all connected to each other.

In terms of character development, I get the impression that the main characters are 4 or 5 people. They are Alice Sakaguchi, Rin Kobayashi, Jinpachi Ogura, Issei Nishikiyori, and Haruhiko Kazama. Although the last character is not very well developed yet but I sense that he will become one of the major characters since this is a shoujo manga, which translates to romance in my world.

Okay, you’re probably confused about who these people are, so I’ll give a brief introduction of each character. Alice is where the story’s point of view starts so the descriptions of the other characters will be based on their interactions with her.


Alice is a transfer student who used to live somewhere in the countryside and she seems to not like Tokyo because there are only so little trees, flowers, and plants. She also has some kind of ability where she is able to understand what the plants and animals feel or can she hear them talk? She meets her next door neighbor Rin who is a 7 year old boy. He is introduced as a mischievous kid who’s trademark is leaving bubble gum in Alice’s hair and goes around skipping with a ribbon that is used for gymnastics. In school, Alice meets Issei and Jinpachi. Jinpachi is her classmate and Issei is Jinpachi’s childhood friend who also goes to the same school as they do. Later, Alice runs into Haruhiko who is a boy with a heart disease. So there. That’s about the basic profile of the characters I can manage to make without revealing too much of the story.

This is a picture of the 7 major characters which are introduced in the later part of volume 1 and in volume 2. In volume 1, the point of view, as stated, starts with Alice, and then to Rin, and then to two other guys who are related to Haruhiko. In volume 2, the POV goes to Alice again, and then to Issei.

Anyway, the story is still a bit unclear to me so I will explain them more in detail on my next post.


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