Please Save My Earth: Volume 2

Somehow, this manga is turning out to be something entirely unexpected. The art reminds me of Kare Kano and the scheming little Rin, who turned out to be doing everything for the good of mankind, reminds me of the little kid in Eternal Sabbath. I just really hate creepy evil kid villains. But I think I like Rin. But I shouldn’t be saying so this early.


Anyway, volume 2 has been full of twists and events. First of all, as mentioned previously, the other 2 main characters are introduced and finally, there is a clear picture of who the characters were in their past lives. Turns out, the dream was not a premonition of the future, as Issei and Jinpachi concluded, but was actually a memory or recollection of their past lives as aliens who sought refuge in the moon because their home planet was destroyed due to an interplanetary war. They wanted to descend to Earth to propagate their race, but decided not to for reasons I can’t remember right now. So they decided that they should just watch over Earth instead and later, a disease spread and everyone was infected until they died one by one. Gyokuran or Jinpachi died first and the last was Shio or Rin who lived for 9 years more after he was given a vaccine by Shuukaido or Haruhiko.

I’m still confused about the role of the other supporting characters. I mean I know they’ll be instrumental in making the goals of Rin come true, but I’m still a bit scared at what they could possibly do to affect the story. This also applies to Alice’s brother. In case you’re confused, Alice has a brother who’s just a bit younger than her but older than Rin. Also, Issei has a little sister who is the same age as Rin.

Anyway, it’s probably too soon to say this, but this is definitely a good manga! If you liked Kare Kano and Eternal Sabbath, then this is definitely something that you will love.


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