Sun Bank

A few days or maybe weeks ago, I started making my first ever paper mache. I got the idea from a friend and worked out how to do it with her help. The paper mache is a coin bank in the shape of a sun, a half sun, that is.

I’ve seen Neil Buchanan do tons of paper mache on Art Attack before, so the first thing I did was of course, gather the materials I needed which were: newspaper cut into strips, toilet paper, card board box, glue, scissors, paint, paint brush, pencil, mold, masking tape, plastic

In making the basic curved shape of the sun, I used a curved food container as mold. I put a sheet of plastic on the mold so the paper wont stick later. And then, I stuck newspaper strips onto the mold until I got the thickness that I wanted. Then, I let it dry and when it was strong enough, I put the 6 rays using masking tape. When they looked secure, I applied a layer of tissue paper strips to cover up the newspaper print as well as to make the paper mache harder. I let it dry in the sun for a whole day and then proceeded with painting it.

This was the appearance of the sun bank when it was all dried up and ready to paint.

As you can see, it’s only a half sun although there are six rays. The hole for the coin is the horizontal line at the top near the two rays. Compared to the reference picture, the rays of my sun bank aren’t as nice. I kept mine pointed because it was too much trouble to make them curved since they were made of cardboard. Generally, the cardboard parts of the sun bank are the 6 rays, the bottom or the base, and the cap for the hole. The cardboard I used was recycled from the box of a laptop fan.

To get the coins out, the sun bank has a hole at the bottom and it looks like this.

The little circular thing at the bottom right of the upside down sun bank is the cap for the hole. A string will later be put on the cap so that it may be removed with ease.

I’m still working on painting the sun bank and the finished product will be posted here, sometime soon. Not bad for a first paper mache, eh?


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