Sunny Bank Part 2

I started painting the sunny bank when it was hard and solid. First, I mixed red and yellow to make the orange color and then proceeded with painting. It was painted several times with the base orange color to cover up the newspaper print that was not entirely hidden by the toilet paper strips.

After that, I proceeded to paint over the base color, orange, with yellow because it appeared too red and I didn’t want the sun to be red orange. I applied 2 layers of the yellow paint, and it turned out beautifully into the yellow orange color that I had in mind. Then, when it was dry, using a pencil, I drew the face that I wanted my sun bank to have. Then I painted over where the eyes and mouth should go with white.

I painted it twice or more just so the white would look clean and smooth and so that whatever color I’d apply would not be overwhelmed by the orange base.

Next, came the details. I did the eyes first and then the mouth. The eyes were mostly black and a little bit of yellow. I had originally wanted it to be blue but I didn’t have blue paint because I was stupid enough to think that green was one of the basic colors. I know, face palm stupidity. Anyway, the mouth is mostly black and the tongue is red mixed with a little bit of white to make it a bit lighter than it originally was. 

And so, the final product looks like this.


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