Change is inevitable. I can’t say I’ve changed much but I sure am not the innocent little sweet kid that I was more than ten years ago. For a while, my life and my personality remained constant and then almost drastically, things became different and I was not the same. I took on a slightly different personality, I adopted a different view in life, and I took on a new role, forgetting my past self and burying it in the sands of time. Though things became different, I somehow find myself going back to my past and uncovering my childhood dream precisely because of these changes.

When I was a little kid, I wanted to become a pediatrician. And that was simply because I admired my pediatrician. She was nice. I can still remember her kind voice, her thin build and her long cold hands. I liked her fun child friendly office which had varied toys, from dinosaur figures to stuffed animals. The height chart pinned to the side of the shelf always caught my eye whenever we’d visit. And even though it was the hospital, I loved the scent of her office. I liked her and I wanted to be just like her. Thus, came about my childhood dream to become a doctor. But that dream later faded as I discovered I hated kids and that becoming a doctor was a long tedious process. But now, with this new development in my life, it has crossed my mind that maybe, just maybe, I might pursue this dream again. It will certainly take a while before I’ll be able to build this dream to reality, but it’s a goal I am willing to work hard at.

Written: August 18, 2011, finished: 4:10pm


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