Boy Bands and Fan Girling

There was a time in the past when I became addicted to boy bands and when I say addicted, I mean fan girl type of addiction. You know, the whole scream your lungs out when you see or hear the voice of your favorite personality. I think the only time I really became a fan girl was when F4 came along. I’d already become a fan of Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Boyzone, Westlife and Blue but it was never as crazy as F4. I liked the western boy bands because their songs were catchy and pleasant to the ears. But F4 was a different story. I liked them first for their characters in Meteor Garden and then later I became a fan of their songs. After the F4 fever died out, I came to like NEWS, a Japanese boy band under Johnny’s Entertainment. Now there’s a boy band I seriously fan girled for. I went all over the internet just so I could get a hold of their videos, songs, and photos. I read fan fictions about them being paired with each other. I made wallpapers of them. I memorized their songs, which were in Japanese. Heck, if I knew how to dance, I probably would’ve memorized their dance moves too.

There’s really something about Asian boy bands that just captures the hearts of girls and maybe even some men out there. So what’s to like?

  • Well, first of all, they are usually cute, charming, and have oh so perfect bodies!
  • They can dance.  Every song must have a specific dance move or a hand gesture that fans can follow during concerts.
  • They look good in suits and in whatever clothing they are in, even the weirdest most ridiculous outfits. The outfits, or shall we say costumes, are more present in Japanese boy bands. And these costumes are usually in loud colors and are filled with glitters and some eye catching material.
  • And the best thing of all, they have this boy love aura about them. I’m not certain if that’s present in Korean boy bands, but for Japanese boy bands, there’s usually a closeness about them and so fans can’t help but pair them with each other. This little boy love thing they have just makes them more worthy to fan girl.

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