To Manila and back

A few days ago, I went to Manila to attend the 24th Annual PAPJA (Psychological Association of the Philippines Junior Affiliates) Convention at DLSU – Dasmarinas. It was my first time in Manila and the trip was filled with other first times as well. Each day we spent in Luzon was full of funny and interesting experiences.

My first night in Manila wasn’t that interesting except that it was probably the best plane ride I’ve ever had. Yes, it was my first and I can’t really say it’s the best since there is nothing to compare the experience to but the view was just magnificent. We rode on a smaller plane than expected. It was run by turbines and was supposedly scarier than the conventional jet. Anyway, the pilot was kind enough to turn off the lights inside so we could enjoy the view. The clouds were awesome and the city lights were cool. I wish I could’ve taken pictures but since I stuck to the protocol of turning off my cellphone, I was not able to get any. If you’ve seen Avatar: The Last Airbender, there was an episode there where they traveled during the night and the clouds at that scene was similar to what I saw at that first flight. The scenery was just made even more beautiful by the perfect lighting of the moon. The clouds seemed so soft and I almost wanted to jump out and bounce on them. That scenery was just precious.

The second thing that really stuck to me when we went there was when we chanced upon a beggar slash thief on one of our jeep rides to DLSU. She was seated just behind the driver and she pocketed our fare. The driver noticed our money never got to him and so he asked the old woman to give him what’s his but she didn’t and instead argued that the money was hers. Later, she begged the driver to just give her the money since it was just a little amount compared to what he gets at the end of the day. To avoid any more squabble we decided to just pay the driver another round of fare and this time, we handed it to him personally.

The trip to Manila Ocean Park was of course something to remember. My favorite part there was the room full of jelly fish. And it would’ve been very epic if not for the smelly children running around screaming and scaring each other.

And who could forget the ice skating experience. It looked so easy but it was so difficult to balance the damned skates. I fell on my butt when the photo op manong forced us to huddle together and smile for the camera. I was too afraid to try and learn the balancing act so I stuck to the wall and dragged myself around the rink. By the time I got to the other end, I was freezing cold and decided to get myself a hot cup of chocolate which made me shiver even more.

It was a short visit to Manila but it was full of fun memories.

Note: written november 30, 2010…finished: october 13, 2011


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