Bloated lifeless humans floating in the darkness of the ocean. Fishes nibbling on the cold carcass’s hand. An eyeball is carried by the waves and floats astray unto a fish’s nest. Eye darting at every single life around it. Death, about the nest, mother fish tends to the eye like it were it’s own. Death as we know it is right under our nose.
Paddle, kick, stroke, breathe, confidence is in the swimmer’s every single movement practiced to perfection. Dive, water, bubbles, shark. Panic. Struggle. Water rushes into the swimmer’s lungs, she chokes gasping for air. A silent scream escapes from her now salty throat and slowly, death bites into her flesh. Vision blurs and a certain numbness envelopes her, gripping her heart until it beat no more. Humans are such frail little creatures.

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